Anapendeza is a social enterprise that seeks to economically empower adults with developmental disabilities. This is done through Work Readiness Training, ICT based Training, Craftsman Training and finally connecting them with Employers. We customize employment for each of our trainees, adults with developmental disabilities, depending on their strengths and job preference.


To establish a partnership with the local and corporate organization in Kenya, and throughout Africa, to provide meaningful job training and customize employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.


Anapendeza is an emerging ICT and CRAFTSMAN organization where adults with developmental disabilities are provided quality education and training experiences that will result in inclusive and meaningful employment opportunities which will foster growth, excellence and maximum independence.


We believe in:
Resilience- To push for reforms and policies that would better improve the lives of adults with disabilities in Kenya
Passion- The desire and drive to place adults with developmental disabilities in meaningful employment.
Harambee- The art of pulling together, nothing for us without adults with developmental disabilities.