Getting adults with developmental disabilities employed is our focus, employment gives them dignity, independence, and purpose. Our training is geared towards fully equipping adults with disabilities with skills to be integrated into the workforce and to be able to retain long-term employment. We focus our training on ICT, Clerical skills, Data Entry and, Craftsmanship. To better strengthen our training we provide the following services to adults with developmental disabilities:


  • Deliver  assessments
  • Assess interests/abilities/learning style
  • Explore jobs/careers in the community
  • Create a perfect day profile
  • Business tours & job shadowing
  • Explore skills & qualities needed for jobs


  • Provide employment coaching
  • Arrange for a job-sampling day
  • Facilitate trainees participation in:
  1. non-paid volunteer experiences
  2. on-the-job training experiences


  • Review & explore transportation options & benefits to work
  • Provide literacy intervention & training for the following:
  1. time management
  2. workplace readiness
  3. decision making, problem-solving
  4. customer service
  5. soft skills
  6. social skills
  7. life skills


  • Facilitate peer-mentoring opportunities
  • Empower students through self-advocacy, & self-determination
  • Encourage attendance of training, conference, or meetings on self-advocacy, understanding accommodations, & self-awareness

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