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Our Story

Anapendeza was created in 2010. The first home schooled student was a four year old at the cancer remission stage. This circumstance hindered the student from attending normal school due to the immunity vulnerability this presented. This created the need to have a home based training structure for the student. This student’s need birthed the Anapendeza initiative as the proprietor was engaged to assist this student achieve this structure.

An individualized education plan was created for the student based on their need and parent’s recommendation. The classes offered were highly interactive. The one on one teaching ensured that learning was at the student’s pace and helped to create a bond with the student. The proprietor became not only a teacher but a friend to the student. Within a short period of time, the student was able to attain the educational objectives. The student developed great communication ability and confidence. She acquired various life skills through the various lessons. Some of the life skills learnt include; personal hygiene, proper etiquette, ability to advocate for self, honesty and respect for other individuals.

As demonstrated above our teaching approach seeks to develop all rounded students. We help the students identify areas of strength and help cultivate these areas. We train the students in ways that enhance their social skills. Two of the techniques we use to enhance social skills development include physical education and play time. We believe that the home is the best place to make the most impact on student’s development and we capitalize on this fact. We always seek to employ qualified teachers with the above mentioned values to positively impact students. We also offer in house training for our teachers and verify our teachers’ backgrounds to enhance a safe teaching environment.

Anapendeza main goal is to empower the students to recognize that they can live life in abundance and help them recognize that they have a greater purpose.

Our Proprietor

Our proprietor is Evalyne Njeri. She is a lovable and lively individual. She loves to swim, read and travel. She has an undergraduate degree in Special Education with a major in Physical Education from Kenyatta University.

Her passion for children was kindled from her experience working as a volunteer teacher at her mother’s school and Sunday school. Her first encounter with a special needs child was in 2010 and she love the experience so much she made a resolve to major in working with such individuals.

Her goal is to provide an all round school experience for children with special needs ensuring that they experience life to the fullest.