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Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans!

Maybe you have seen them on our website  or Facebook page or Instagram   or twitter and have been wondering, just what are these guys selling? What are they meant for?

Well, these is a pretty interesting teaching aid, not only for special needs kids but also for any other kids. Adults love them too!!

The jelly beans basically come in a small sachet, you would easily under estimate what their teaching power just by looking at them. Pero cuidado! –but bewarelooks are indeed very deceiving. When put in water and let to sit overnight, or for a few hours if you have time during the day, they grow to the size of a round button.

The idea is to help children improve their sensory input and this is exactly how to use them:

Out the engorged jelly beans in a bucket and depending to your lesson plan of the day, put colored larger objects inside or even fruits or toys. Now let the child fish out whatever you want them to. Whether you are fishing for yellow objects or apples, let the child dig in to find the objects. The jelly beans are slippery and thus will go a long way in improving the physical sensory input of the child.

The beauty of it all is, that while using the jelly beans, children get to do what they do best. PLAY!

After continued use of this method, our students have proved to have better concentration, less sensitive to touch and of course increased knowledge.

So do not hold back! We are here to sort all your learning problems. Get the jelly beans today and turn play time into learning time.



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